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EL / Esthetic Line

Drill Stop Kits

Written by feRKzzCTo0 on . Posted in C-Tech News, EL / Esthetic Line, GL / Gingival Level, MB / Monoblock, ND / Narrow Diameter, Products News

The new drill stop kit is made of a milled and anodized aluminum sliding top and a Tekapro (autoclave resistant resin) base. The drill stops are in the base and when the top is slid into the “open” position, one can insert the drill into the appropriate length opening and pick up the corresponding drill stop without having to hold or touch the stops with ones finger’s. When the top is slid into the closed position, the stops are held safely in the base.The kit is autoclavable.

The kit can be ordered in 2 versions:
STOPKIT00: empty of drill stops
STOPKIT01: complete with all drill stops

Rotating CEC titanium bases

Written by feRKzzCTo0 on . Posted in EL / Esthetic Line, Products News

Rotating-CEC-titanium-basesNuove basi prive di esagono per facilitarne il posizionamento su restaurazioni multiple. Disponibile in 3 altezze gengivali, presenti nelle librerie 3shape ed Exocad. Sono dotate di un incavo nella parte superiore per facilitare l’entrata della vite nelle posizioni angolate.

CODE Ref. EL-6041R • EL-6042R • EL-6043R

Castable Cylinders

Written by feRKzzCTo0 on . Posted in EL / Esthetic Line, Products News

castable-clindersThese plastic, castable cylinders fit onto the titanium bases BL-6046, BL-6045, EL-6049 and EL-6049/3. In the case of the BL-6045, there already included one cylinder.
In the case that one would like to redo a cylinder or needs spare cylinders, this item, packed in individually or in sets of 4 can solve the problem.


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