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Slide Impianti dentali

Conventional Implantology

Conventional implants are an effective long-term solution with a restoring function, creating an attractive and natural smile and preventing bone degeneration. The implants are made of titanium which avoid any risks of irritation to the gums and provide the highest standard of treatment.

The Esthetic Line implant is a conical shaped implant offering surgical and prosthetic compatibility to the BL line of implants. The EL implant’s core is the same as that of the BL implant and thus follows the same insertion protocol in soft bone. The EL implant is endowed with generous apical threading which…

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The Narrow Diameter dental implant is a two piece slender bodied implant with a platform diameter of only 3mm. This implant is ideal for limited and narrow crestal spaces in the anterior region. Generous threading on the implant body, culminating in sharper threads at the apex deliver stability…

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The Gingival Level dental implant is a conical shaped implant with an internal hex connection. The implant is endowed with a micro grooved collar for cortical maintenance and crowned with a polished rim to accommodate soft tissues. This dental implant benefits from an internal hex convex platform…

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