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C-Tech Implant

The dawn of dental implants
The origins of C-Tech Implant date back to the 1960s, with the production of orthopaedic implants and other steel and titanium components for sectors like precision mechanics, medical devices and aviation. Contacted by some professors – today recognised as the fathers of Italian dental implantology – in 1965 it developed one of the first dental implants used in Italy. Since then and for over 30 years now it has been designing and supplying the implant components for some of the most important European implant companies. This gives it the chance to study, prototype, produce and certify a wide variety of implants in dozens of countries around the world, greatly expanding its know-how and overview of the whole implant market . Moreover, this experience with a wide range of systems has allowed the company to develop extensive expertise in the facets of design that contribute most to the surgical and prosthetic success of an implant.

The C-Tech Implant brand
Building on this experience, the parent company founded C-Tech Implant in 2008 and began selling implants and components for dental implants under this brand name. It does so primarily for its own needs, but continues to design and manufacture orthopaedic implants, dental implants and medical devices for other internationally known brands. C-Tech Implant has thus acquired a complete, reliable vision of the market based on the most effective and popular implant solutions demanded by physicians. Making use of the best technologies and the most advanced materials, it offers dental practices unique, original solutions, also developed in partnership with surgeons from some important European universities. C-Tech Implant stands out not only for the attention it pays to the research and development of implants and dental components, but also for their ease of insertion and use.

A solid international presence
Today C-Tech Implant is a dynamic company with a global reach that distributes its dental implants in over 25 countries, a name recognised by all professionals in the implant industry. In addition to Italy, home to the company’s headquarters and four production plants, its main market is Germany, where it is the leading Italian supplier of dental implants. The quality of the solutions offered in terms of safety, durability and biocompatibility is endorsed by the most authoritative and demanding certifications, most of which are issued by German bodies.

A complete, innovative and accessible product range
C-Tech Implant offers not only a wide selection of conventional implants with diameters from 3 to 7 mm, but also the world’s most extensive range of mini (one-piece) dental implants, with very small diameters of 1.8 to 3 mm. C-Tech Implant’s goal continues to be to provide technologically advanced, high quality products at reasonable prices so that dentists can offer the most suitable solutions to a wide variety of patients. In addition to its many diameters, the company offers a wide range of prosthetic platforms and connections, including the conical Cone-Morse, the internal hexagon and the two different types of one-piece implants (round head and square head).

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