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Slide Bone-X

The Biocompatible Tissue Substitute

Natural bone hydroxyapatite

C-Bone X is the line of natural bone substitutes of equine origin developed through the EstRem process (Esterification Cell-Removal Technology). This innovative “tissue processing” allows to treat all connective tissues of animal origin and obtain totally biocompatible tissue substitutes, preserving the biological characteristics fundamental for the regeneration process.

Its excellent osteoconductive properties allow the formation of new vascularized bone tissue between the spaces of its porous structure and the intergranular ones, allowing a rapid and complete osseointegration of the grafts.

  • C-Bone X Porous Granules (0.5-1 mm)
  • C-Bone X Porous Granules (1-2 mm)
  • C-Bone X Porous Granules in filter cap syringe

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