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Slide Bone-X

The Natural Biocompatibility

Natural bone substitutes

C-Bone X is the line of natural bone substitutes of equine origin developed through the EstRem process (Esterification Cell-Removal Technology).

This innovative “tissue processing” allows to obtain totally biocompatible grafts, belonging to the C-Bone X MATRIX configuration, whose bone matrix is fully preserved in its organic and inorganic components, to be used as scaffolds with optimal osteoconductive characteristics.

The grafts of the C-Bone X DEM configuration are instead obtained following an additional phase of controlled demineralization: while maintaining the three-dimensional osteoconductive structure typical of bone matrices, they are extremely flexible and able to adapt easily even to bone defects with curvilinear profiles and surfaces.

Finally, C-Bone X APATITE – made of pure natural hydroxyhapatite – is obtained through a further process of controlled thermocatalisys. Its excellent osteoconductive properties allow the formation of new vascularized bone tissue between the spaces of its porous structure and the intergranular ones, allowing a rapid and complete osseointegration of the grafts.


C-Bone X APATITE is indicated in all those cases where the resorption of the graft is to be limited or delayed to maintain its volume over time in a stable manner.
Indication: Filling of small and medium-size bone defects, maxillary sinus lifts, peri-implant defects, and post-extraction sockets.


C-Bone X MATRIX is the line of natural bone substitutes of equine origin with a fully preserved extra-cellular matrix, produced using the patented EstRem process which guarantees the highest safety and biocompatibility profile, preserving all the biological and bio-mechanical characteristics functional for tissue regeneration.
Indication: Treatment of periodontal and peri-implant defects; preservation of the post-extraction socket; small and large sinus lifts; horizontal and vertical ridge increases.

C-Bone X DEM

The C-Bone X DEM grafts have a structure that facilitates cell adhesion and accelerates the osseointegration process, as well as being extremely flexible and able to easily adapt even to bone defects with curved profiles and surfaces.
Indication: Alveolar ridge preservation; sinus lift with vestibular access; horizontal ridge increases; vertical ridge augmentation with implant placement.

  • C-Bone X DEM Cortical Membrane

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