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Slide Kit Chirurgici

Our surgical and prosthetic kits

Our surgical and prosthetic kits in aluminum, characterized by an elegant design, offer a wide range of surgical instruments according to the different purposes of use:
Metal Kit / Drill Stop Kit / Healing Screws Organizer / Planning Kit / Prosthetic Kit This complete assortment aims to offer the best solutions to the different clinical needs of dentists and laboratory technicians.

The C-Tech EL/ND instrument kit is elegantly milled from a single block of aluminum. The kit includes all necessary instruments for the placement of 4 different implant diameters in both the EL and the ND implant lines, from 3mm to 5.1mm width and from 7mm to 15mm…

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The Drill stop kit, milled from a block of aluminum with a PEEK cover, holds the drill stops of the EL and ND lines. The height of kit allows for the user to ‘pick up’ the drill stop with just the contra angle. Each stop has its assigned slot, and the kit will not close unless each one is in its right place…

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This healing screw organizer puts an end to the search for the appropriate healing abutment during a procedure. Made of a single block of aluminum, its logical layout makes every healing screw easy to find, while allowing easy sterilization for all contained parts…

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Instead of ordering a part to see if it fits, this planning kit gives you a collection of try-in abutments so one can make the right choice prior to ordering. The planning kit is milled from a plate of aluminum and fitter with a sliding cover…

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This elegant milled aluminum oval shaped prosthetic kit gives the practitioner or technician all the needed prosthetic instruments so that he or she does not have to use the surgical kit when doing simple prosthetic procedures. In order to help the user organize their prosthetic parts…

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