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Slide C-Mill


The C-Mill center is operated by in house dental technicians and production engineers working together to deliver the highest level of service.

C-MILL is able to work, from initial scanning of the model to final try-in, with all established dental material formats: zirconium, titanium, PEEK and chrome cobalt in the form of pucks and cylinders. From initial scanning of the model final try-in.

Data Acquisition

• The customer sends the STL file to our Milling Center, by writing to [email protected]

CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)

• The virtual prosthetic components are transferred to the milling machine and the physical part is produced

Quality Control

• The resulting part is checked and adjusted for a perfect fit


• Goods are shipped out with full traceability of the work


Custom abutments from Pre-milled Cylinders

Custom abutments are available for for EL (Esthetic Line) and ND (Narrow Diameter) platforms, milled from premilled cylinders, delivering exactly the same level of connection precision as a standard abutment.

Custom abutments and crowns on titanium bases

Custom abutments and crowns are milled and cemented onto standard bases with assorted gingival height options.

Crowns and bridges on natural teeth

Custom crowns and bridges whose structure presents micrometric tolerances and very small thicknesses in the margin area, combining aesthetics with ease of use.

Screw retained mono block bridges and Toronto bridges

Customised milled mono structures to be screw attached directly to the implants.

Bars on implants

Millled bars to be attached to Locator, Equator or O-ball attachments.

Laser Melting

Bridges and crowns by gluing (on T-bases) and bridges and crowns on natural teeth.

Prototyping Service for Prosthetic Models

Creation of prototype models for prosthesis on implants:
• full arch model
• middle arch model
• antagonist
• gingiva on the model


Chrome Cobalt

Offers bio-compatibility high resitance to corrosion, this alloy contains no Berylium, Nickel or Galium.

Medical Grade Titanium

Grade 5 Titanium is one of strongest and resistant grades of medical use titanium. All C-Tech bases and premilled abutments are from this material.

Multi-layered Zirconia

This biocompatible ceramic material can be adjusted to match the colour of the patients natural dentition.


Polyether Ether Ketone a bio-freindly plastic that can be easily milled for temporary prosthetics.


Shares all the advantages of PEEK, yet 80% stronger and better adapted to the more demanding requirement of long term prosthetic cases with milled polymer pucks.

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