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Banner C-Membrane

The Natural Shield – Collagen membrane for GTR

C-Membrane is an absorbable membrane for the shielding of the implantation site from soft tissue infiltration, which avoids interference of non-osteogenic tissues with bone regeneration. It is made from highly pure type I atelocollagen of equine origin. It can be easily placed in site after bone grafting and requires no fixation.
Its 3 dimensional structure adapts to the bone graft surface and provides a natural shield. It is consequently re-absorbed in about 4-6 weeks.

C-Membrane RS presents a rough side characterized by less compact fibers with an increased surface area. Once positioned with the rough side in direct contact with the recipient bone and the graft, it guarantees greater stability of the latter and of the membrane itself.

  • Indications
  • C-Membrane line: Collagen
  • C-Membrane line: Collagen RS (Rough Side)

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