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Banner C-Bone

The Structure of Regeneration – Nano-structured bio-mimetic hydroxyapatite

The C-Bone synthetic bone substitutes line is based on bio-mimetic and nano-structured hydroxyapatite. C-Bone hydroxyapatite is a calcium phosphate biomaterial that is very similar to the human bone structure, composition and sizes of nano-crystals. The Ca/P ratio of 1.67 is almost identical to that of human bone apatite. C-Bone is available in 4 different formats: dense granules, porous chips, injectable paste and moldable crunch and in a wide range of sizes.

C-Bone is a bio-mimetic bone substitute. Its high surface/volume ratio makes it an ideal scaffold for osteointegration and regeneration of bone defects. The highly porous and interconnected structure is ideally osteoconductive, promoting cellular colonization, nutrient exchange and an early vascularization. Thanks to specific composition and nano-metric dimension of composing crystals, C-Bone bone substitutes are completely degraded by osteoclastic activity and physiologically remodeled into new vital bone tissue.

C-Bone Granules & Chips

Dense granules and porous chips available in two different granulometries (0.5-1 mm and 1-2 mm) and multiple formats (from 0.5 cc to 2 cc).
Dense granules are compact and similar to human cortical bone; their remodeling time is slower than porous chips, which look alike cancellous bone.
The spherical shape and uniform size of C-Bone granules allow the optimal filling of large irregular defects and the formation of homogeneous inter-granular pores, improving osteointegration and bone remodeling.


Filling of small and medium size bone defects, maxillary sinus lifts, periimplant defects and post-extraction sockets.

C-Bone Injectable Paste

Injectable paste with a high-density mixture of nano-crystals and micro-powder of nano-structured hydroxyapatite, in a phosphate-buffered saline solution with physiological pH; available in a wide range of formats (from 0.25 cc to 2 cc).
To precisely allow in situ application, a small tip is available inside the package.


Filling of periodontal and peri-implant defects, maxillary sinus augmentation with crestal access.

C-Bone Mouldable Crunch

The Crunch formulation, with the addition of micro-granules with specific granulometry, shows a higher nano-structured hydroxyapatite amount than the injectable paste, resulting in an extremely mouldable and stable mixture even in a bleeding environment. The open-mouth syringes allow the extrusion of the product in a cylindrical shape, easily adaptable and conformable to any implantation site.


Filling of paradontal, peri-implant and post-extractive bone defects.
It is also indicated for sinus lift with vestibular access.

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