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MB / Monoblock

MB Line,dental implants,dentures

MB Line,dental implants,dentures

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10 year warranty

C-TECH offers a 10 year warranty on all implants and parts on implants and abutments. To request the warranty and find out more, click here.

MB / Monoblock

MB Line,dental implants,denturesThe Mono Block is a one piece implant with a diameter of 3mm. The system offers 2 prosthetic options; O-ball head for removable full prosthesis as well as tapered abutment for crown and bridge applications.

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  • 1Prosthetic Options
  • 2Support for Fixed Reconstructions
  • 3Gingival Collar
  • 4Mandibular Cortical Maintenance
  • 5Low Profile Threading
  • 6Surface Topography
  • 7Mandibular Apex
  • 8Augmented Gingival Collar
  • 9Maxilla Type Bone Micro Grooving
  • 10Aggressive Main Body Threading
  • 11Maxilla Type Apex
  • System Compatiblity

Dental Implant

(Mandibular O-ball)
9 mm MANOB-09
11 mm MANOB-11
13 mm MANOB-13
15 mm MANOB-15
(Maxillary O-ball)
9 mm MAXOB-09
11 mm MAXOB-11
13 mm MAXOB-13
15 mm MAXOB-15
(Mandibular Tapered)
9 mm MANTAP-09
11 mm MANTAP-11
13 mm MANTAP-13
15 mm MANTAP-15
(Maxillary Tapered)
9 mm MAXTAP-09
11 mm MAXTAP-11
13 mm MAXTAP-13
15 mm MAXTAP-15


  • Scientific Publications

    Clinical case of total reconstruction in the upper jaw with guided surgery protocol and immediate loading

    Dr. Fabio Lo Meo Introduction Nowadays modern surgical techniques are more and more moving towards simplified and minimally invasive protocols, aimed at offering patients more effective and highly predictable solutions with shorter treatment times. In addition, this approach makes treatments better tolerated, faster, with more comfortable postoperative courses and reduced costs. Implant surgery also aligns with this general trend, and one of the brightest and most impressive examples is theRead more

    Dentist Michael Weiland: excellent care is important to me!

    Magazine PIP • Practical implantology and implant prosthetics • 08 June 2022 Dentist Michael Weiland: excellent care is important to me! In times of skilled labor bottlenecks and a fundamental lack of staff, the first thing that many lose is the services that were once seen as so essential. But the more a piece of hardware is interchangeable and discount battles want to be avoided, the more a company stands out from the customer with the many free little help. Interview with dentist MichRead more

    Rehabilitation of the jaw by means of immediate implantation and immediate restoration Digital workflow

    Magazine PIP • Practical Implantology and Implant Prosthetics • August 2022 | Issue 4' Rehabilitation of the jaw by means of immediate implantation and immediate restoration Digital workflow Catarina G. Rodrigues, DDS, MSc – Manuel D. Marques, DDS - Raquel Bandeira, CDT The success of any complex dental treatment depends on proper diagnostics and treatment planning. Digital treatment planning, prosthetic backward planning and guided implant surgery can help improve success rates and preRead more

    Complete-arch fixed reconstruction by means of guided surgery and immediate loading: a retrospective clinical study on 12 patients with 1 year of follow-up

    Henriette Lerner, Uli Hauschild, Robert Sader & Shahram Ghanaati Abstract Guided implant surgery is considered as a safe and minimally invasive flapless procedure. However, flapless guided surgery, implant placement in post-extraction sockets and immediate loading of complete-arch fixed reconstructions without artificial gum are still not throughly evaluated. The aim of the present retrospective clinical study was to document the survival and success of complete-arch fixed reconstructioRead more

    Webinar | Treatment of patients with totally edentulous arches: clinical applications of mini implants

    Dental Tribune Magazine • Webinar • 11 May 2020 Treatment of patients with totally edentulous arches: clinical applications of mini implants. by Dr. Aldo De Blasi, expert in dentistry applied to mini implants. Abstract Mini implants are a valid alternative to traditional implants to stabilize the rehabilitation of edentulous arches. Patients with full arch prostheses can benefit from this technique which, with a minimally invasive approach, allows to stabilize them with a single operaRead more

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