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The new drill stop kit is made of a milled and anodized aluminum sliding top and a Tekapro (autoclave resistant resin) base. The drill stops are in the base and when the top is slid into the “open” position, one can insert the drill into the appropriate length opening and pick up the corresponding drill stop without having to hold or touch the stops with ones finger’s. When the top is slid into the closed position, the stops are held safely in the base.The kit is autoclavable.

The kit can be ordered in 2 versions:
STOPKIT00: empty of drill stops
STOPKIT01: complete with all drill stops


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C-Tech Implant dental supplies: a quality brand

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C-Tech Implant dental supplies stand as the latest solutions currently available in the dental implant sector.

Indeed, besides specialising in designing and supplying latest-generation dental implants, C-Tech Implant complements its offer by putting on the market  a broad range of dental equipment designed on purpose to meet the most varied requirements at the service of practitioners.

Innovative progress and traditional quality: this is the specific dichotomy our products stand out for.

Our technicians work around the clock to offer practitioners newer and better solutions and to search the best and most effective composition material to offer our patients the best solutions!

C-Tech Implant: here’s how we strive to improve our range!

An example of the accurate and painstaking care for innovation in our production is the sensational set of changes made to our BL temporary abutment.

At the beginning this dental equipment was made of fibreglass but now, thanks to the relentless commitment of our researchers, today we offer practitioners a PEEK production line. As compared to fibreglass, this latest-generation material ensures higher elasticity and perfect resistance.

C-Tech Implant dental supplies include a special range of specific professional equipment for dental implants.

The C-Tech Implant latch driver extractor, for instance, allows to extract morse taper abutments, thus ensuring a quick and completely painless procedure.

Finally, thanks to the latch finger and ratchet adapter, practitioners may use different tools, either with latch or ratchet connection, either manually or using the ratchet feature.

Our specialised staff is at your full disposal to explain the countless professional solutions devised for the dental implant sector.

To receive an individual professional advice, do not hesitate to contact our Bologna office.

C-Tech Implant: professionals at the service of your professionalism!

C-Tech Implant dental implants: another reason to smile!

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Dental Implants | C-Tech Implants | Dental Implants and Dental Equipment

A dental implant in the jawbone is surely the ideal and most convenient solution to restore your denture to perfection.

It is not uncommon for patients to look to this solution quite unfavourably. The surgery is usually cause for concern and the lack of information regarding the technical procedure causes clients to face the operation with a remarkable deal of anxiety.

Even though it may appear as a complex procedure, the risks connected with the installation of a dental implant are truly minimal and, when compared with the complications that may arise after an extraction, they prove to be even lower.

Before the procedure, it is recommended to prepare the patients by providing them with all necessary information and reassuring them about the quality of the products in use.

For the purpose of reassuring your patients about the absolute safety and efficacy of surgery, the choice of C-Tech Implant dental implants will surely be a guarantee for success.

Every dental implant designed by us undergoes very strict quality control processes.

Every day we toil to have the most innovative dental solution out in the market and to offer dentists the best professional instruments.

Our diverse range of products will allow you to customise your service, offering your patients a dental implant selected according to their specific and individual needs.

Versatility, stability and sheer quality: these are the elements our dental equipment stands out for.

Our implants stand out for a structure that is compatible with different diameters and are fitted with a titanium abutment ensuring perfect osteo-integration and minimising the risk of failure.

Offering a C-Tech Implant dental implant means guaranteeing absolute success and allowing patients to face surgery with a more proactive and collaborative attitude!

C-Tech dental implants: the best answer for tooth loss.

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Dental Implants | C-Tech Implants

For patients, dental implants represent a long-awaited alternative to the now obsolete bridge.

Thanks to modern dental implant techniques, we are no longer forced to file two teeth just to fix one.  Today, industry professionals can offer customers targeted conservative solutions that increasingly meet specific needs.

C-Tech Implant: one dental implant for any need

The dental implant product line from C-Tech Implant is broad and diverse.

Relying on the experience that has always been the guide for our business, we anticipate the changing needs of the market and offer professionals in the field of dental implants a line of dental products that perfectly meets the different physical and anatomical needs of patients.

We offer 6 different lines of dental implants:

All of our products are of the highest quality, and each implant meets a specific need.

Below are the main technical specifications of two of our dental implants: the Bone Level implant and the Small Diameter dental implant .

Two solutions that are rather different from one another, but both were made to:

  • offer professionals an innovative solution that is quick and permanent;
  • let patients smile again in no time.

Bone Level dental implant

Thanks to its characteristic conical shape, the bone level dental implant ensures high surgical protocol compatibility with the GL line of implants. Its hybrid Morse taper locking connection guarantees perfect anchoring and prevents loosening of the abutment as well as problems stemming from gaps between the various components of the implant.

The platform switching prosthetics system offers a series of advantages, including the ability to customise the heights as well as diameters of abutments.

Small-Diameter dental implant

The small diameter implant is composed of two thin-bodied pieces and it features a platform of just 3 mm: the ideal solution for anterior implants in particularly small crestal spaces.

Thanks to this innovative tool, it is now possible to insert dental implants even when bone thickness is reduced. This is a difficult situation that in the past would require a surgical osseointegration procedure in the past, and thus additional time and money.

To view the different types of dental implants offered by our brand, we invite you to consult the data sheets available on our website, or to contact our offices to schedule an information appointment with our team of experts.

Why choose C-Tech Implant?

Proposing to insert a C-Tech Implant in a patient means acting in proper consideration of the customer’s individual needs, as well as promptly and appropriately meeting their different requirements.

A distinctive detail of quality that all of your patients will surely appreciate!

C-Tech Implant: the patient’s trusted friend, the professional’s proven ally.

C-Tech Dental Implants: patient-oriented dental implants.

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Patient-oriented dental implants | C-Tech Implants | Dental Implants and Dental Equipment

Modern dental implants provide a powerful treatment for the challenging problem of total or partial tooth loss.

Thanks to the use of titanium dental implants, the dentist can now in fact fill in the empty space left behind by a missing tooth, thereby maintaining the proper alignment of the remaining teeth and returning a practically perfect shape to the face.

Why titanium?

Its particular resistance and high probability of osseointegration make titanium the most widely used material to produce dental implants.

Its biocompatibility, in particular, already established in the orthopaedic field, has also been confirmed over the years in the field of dentistry.

Dental implant insertions are clinic procedures and, if performed by experts, they are quick and painless.

The professionalism of the medical staff performing the procedure and the quality of the dental implant inserted into the jaw are the two main factors that influence a positive surgical outcome.

The patient must also ensure constant oral hygiene, which, lastly, also plays a fundamental role as it prevents the development of infections and possible rejection.

After the dental implant has been inserted into the jaw, the process of osseointegration requires a wait time of around 4 months.

Once integrated into the bone, the titanium screw will perform the natural functions that were previously performed by the root of the tooth. It will offer a practical anchoring system onto which can be attached an artificial tooth .

C-Tech Implant: the dental implant that lasts a lifetime

C-Tech Implant: the leader in the field of dental implants. For more than 20 years, we have been working side by side with dentists and industry professionals, offering a wide range of dental implants and an infinite number of professional solutions for each individual need.

We offer a diverse and complete selection of supplies marketed to solve any type of problem and to answer each individual patient need with skilled professionalism.

C-Tech Implant: the dental implant that will make you smile again.

C-Tech Implant: Your personal dental equipment supplier

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Dental Equipment Supplier | C-Tech Implants | Dental Implants and Dental Equipment

If you’re looking for the best supplier of dental equipment to offer your customers the most modern implant solutions, C-Tech Implant is the brand for you.

Our brand has always dominated the industry’s market, standing out as the leader in the production and supply of high-quality dental implants.

Every day, our team of experts strives to design the most efficient dental solutions, which, in addition to guaranteeing professionals a speedy and practical surgery, are able to ensure an excellent end result for the patient.

C-Tech Implant dental implants: unequalled quality, efficiency in no time.

Our company’s mission is to offer customers a dental implant capable of meeting every individual need.

In order to achieve our primary goal, we have therefore placed our skills at the service of our customers by offering six implant lines.

Six types of solutions that, thanks to their high connection compatibility, allow the implant structure to be matched with various diameters, thereby adapting to different cases and anatomies.

In addition to the quality of the materials used, it is also useful to note that our dental implants guarantee absolute stability.

The innovative technology that characterises the abutment was in fact designed to facilitate its insertion into the jaw bone, excluding any possibility of movement, sinking, or sliding.

The internal Morse taper connection, which characterises a large part of our product lines, guarantees total stability of the dental implant and maintains gum health by preventing the risk of inflammation and bacterial damage.

C-Tech Implant Dental Equipment: it doesn’t take much to make patients smile again… just choose our brand!

C-Tech Implant: When choosing a dental implant supplier, choose the leader!

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Dental implant supplier | C-Tech Implants | Dental Implants and Dental Equipment

C-Tech Implant is the leading dental implant manufacturer that can guarantee the best solutions in prosthetics to fight the challenging problem of total and partial tooth loss.

Safe, reliable, and innovative: these are the three words that best describe our dental implants.

The two main factors that can influence the outcome of dental implant surgery are:

  •  the quality of the implant;
  •  the experience of the professional performing the surgery.

As far as the former is concerned, the quality of C-Tech Implant dental supplies serves as a valid guarantee for every professional.

Our company boasts a wide range of products that are designed to meet the different needs of customers and are individually tested to ensure a supply selection that is complete and 100% efficient.

The modern technologies used in our plant allow us to independently manage the entire production process of the dental implants. This is a detail that, on one hand, allows our company to constantly monitor the production of every single dental implant, and on the other, serves as a valid guarantee for our customers, allowing dentists and industry professionals to offer their patients an exclusive-quality product.

To find out more about our dental supplies, contact our headquarters located in Bologna (Italy).

Our highly trained personnel will be happy to show you the countless advantages of our product line and provide the right professional assistance, ensuring proper technical support.

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