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All C-Tech Implant lines (EL Esthetic Line, ND Narrow Diameter, GL Gingival Level, MB Monoblock and SD Small Diameter) are designed with superior mechanical properties and absolute biocompatibility of all components. Normal oral hygiene, regular dental check-ups teeth cleaning will ensure that the survival  of our implants, if inserted correctly, will last a lifetime. For this reason, C-Tech has always been able to offer a 10-year warranty on all its implants. The only exception is the EL Esthetic Line, which actually enjoys a lifetime warranty.

Should the implant or part be rejected or fail we will replace the part free of charge in exchange for the following:
– The failed part itself.
– Lot # of the part in question
– An explanation of the failure

For practitioners the warranty process requires that the failed implant be returned to the company as well as the completion of the warranty form. Please note that warranty is only valid for C-Tech implants that have been used together with official C-Tech prosthetic parts.


In order to submit a warranty case,  please download the attached form and return with the part.

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