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Slide Soluzioni Singole

Solutions for individual teeth

Discover the advantages of modern implant dentistry

Previously the most common solution to missing dentition has been the creation of a bridge that is supported by the teeth adjacent to the gap. In many cases the creation of this bridge means that the adjacent teeth need to be filed and shaped so that the support structure can fit over them.

In the case of an implant solution, there is no need to destroy or alter the neighboring teeth in any way. The implant is placed in the gap left by the missing tooth and can often be placed in the space left by the root of the missing tooth. Indeed the Implant is simply acting as a replacement root. To this “replacement” root will be attached a reconstruction of the the tooth. This reconstruction can be made to appear, in shape, color, and function to be exactly like the original tooth.

Traditional bridge solution in which two neighboring teeth are compromised in order to support a bridge prosthesis. Modern implant solution in which the prosthetic tooth is supported by an implant.

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