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C-TECH Implant Events 2020

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Focus on new Vision in Dentistry | Chia 2019 | Sardegna

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We continue the journey begun in 2015 that saw the AIO international congress as one of the most frequented of the entire European continent, with participants from 30 different countries. Focus on Dentistry 2019 is a unique congress with world-class speakers, along with important Italian names, in an enchanting setting, as only in Sardinia can be. We continue to propose a congress of enormous cultural depth accompanied by an adequate exposure but limited in space. The theme of the congress will be “New Visions in Dentistry”, as a platform for discussing upcoming challenges in oral health. The appointment has been included in the international calendar of the most important dental congresses that is drawn up by the various international organizations and will be attended by the leaders of important international dental associations.
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ABSTRACT, Dr. Henriette Lerner:
Our world is getting more and more digital every day, this is also true for implantology and dentistry. Going digital does not necessarily mean that the transition to digital implantology is smooth and does not mean that the outcomes are nicer. In this enlightening lecture. We will get a glimpse into how to avoid glitches as well as how to get the best esthetic outcomes for patients while using the latest digital dentistry tools.

Doctor Henriette Lerner

Dr. Henriette Lerner is the founder and Director of HL Dentclinic and Academy in Baden-Baden, Germany, which is an academic clinical, teaching and research facility of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, in Frankfurt on Main, Germany.

Dr. Lerner is the current President of the Digital Dentistry Society International (DDS).  In 1990, Dr. Lerner was granted the degree of Doctor Medic. (DMD degree) from the Faculty of Dental Medicine, in Temeschburg, Romania, and then completed her postgraduate education in Oral Surgery, in Bucharest Romania. Later, Dr Lerner’ education in Implant Dentistry was completed in Germany and at Boston University. Among her other certifications, she is a Board Member & Expert for the DGOI (the German Society of Oral Implantology,) and is an ICOI Diplomate.

Dr Lerner is also an Editorial Advisor for 2 scientific journals (Practical Implantology and DGOI Oral Implantology). She is the author of a number of scientific papers and book chapters (Esthetics in Dentistry; Implant Esthetics), which detail esthetics in Implantology, grafting procedures, biomaterials science and digital technologies.  Dr. Lerner’s expertise spans the fields of clinical research, advanced techniques in the Digital Workflow of complex implant cases, soft and hard tissue augmentation techniques, biomaterials research, dental aesthetics, and designing functional occlusion in complete oral rehabilitation.

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