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C-TECH Implant Events 2020

Below we present the events program.

Digital Dentistry, Esthetic Prosthetics | 18 July 2019 | BeiJing

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18 July 2019 | Digital Dentistry, Esthetic Prosthetics

Courses hours: 9:00—15:00

This course will review the rules and tips to achieving the best esthetic results with the latest digital technology in dentistry especially using the C-TECH EL line. The EL line provides the ideal platform for achieving esthetic results thanks to its subcrestal placement, platform switching and Morse locking prosthetic connection.

Training Locations:

Lectures Dr. Henriette
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Dr. Henriette Lerner – Philosophy
Esthetics is a way of life
My vocation allows me to unite science and esthetics in a symbiosis of the highest level, and the make the result of these efforts visible in the smiles of my patients. I consider myself fortunate to be able to nourish myself from the sources of science and, together with likeminded educators, to pass on these experiences through teaching. See more »

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