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Clinical case of immediate placement of mini dental implants post extraction

Written by C-Tech Implants | Forniture e Impianti Dentali on . Posted in Clinical cases, SD / Small Diameter

A 58 years old female patient has come to our clinic for lower jaw rehabilitation. After the clinical examination and OPG, We have decided to extract tooth 33, which is the only one remaining. As thepatient has not accepted a big augmentation procedure, we have decided to implant 4 C-Tech SD mini dental implants for retention and stabilization of the lower denture.

Clinical examination and 3D images has revealed the presence of a deep concavity in the residual alveolar ridge so we have decided to perform classic flap(open) technique. A mid crest incision and full muco-periosteal flap was raised. Alveoplasty is performed to achieve a better bone platform for the mini dental implants and to increase vertical dimension for the denture.
The osteotomy is preformed using a normal mini dental implant protocol with a 1.1mm bur.
The diameter of mini dental implants was 1.8x13mm. As we have achieved satisfactory primary stability of the implants, we have decided to immediately load them. An impression was taken with transfers and a final restoration is delivered 3 days later.
  In summary one should keep in mind, that whenever there is any doubt about the ridge dimension, shape etc., whenever there are limitations with bone dimension, one should always perform an open flap technique because it is the only way that you can visualize the position of the implants!
SD mini dental implants are a very good and permanent solution when they are used in the right way!!

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