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Coaching Session: from surgically guided to to prosthetic CAD/CAM

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On 14th October Andrea Sessa, C-Tech Product Manager, will hold a coaching session in English language for Austrian dentists and lab technicians in Vienna; they will address C-Tech digtital prosthetics, analog prosthetics, CAD/CAM oriented parts, libraries inside all major softwares and the particularities of our digital components.

Dental World Conference 2022 | 13-14-15 October 2022 | Budapest

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13-14-15 October 2022 | Dental World Conference 2022 | Budapest
Esthetics, Implantology, Endodontics, Orthodontics

Dental World is coming back in 2022: for more than two decades now, the key players in dentistry have been meeting in Budapest to share their knowledge and experience. Participants from nearly 50 countries around the world and international authorities will have the possibility to attend 12 congresses, live surgeries, demos, workshops and theoretical-practical trainings.

Corso Teorico-Pratico su pazienti | Chirurgia Implantare di I° e II° Livello | Ragusa

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13-17 Settembre / Ragusa
Tutor dell’evento: dott. GABRIELE MATERA, dott. FABIO LO MEO.
Oltre ai due storici tutor si aggiungerà anche il Dott. Aldo De Blasi e l’ODT. Andrea Sessa e, come relatori i corsisti potranno ascoltare il dott. FRANCESCO DISPENZA e l’Ing. ALESSANDRO D’AQUILA
Sponsor del corso: C-tech Implant, NSK, Create it, OsteoBiol, Omnia e Conoscenza Medica con Dental Team srl.

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