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C-TECH Implant 2021国际合作

Below we present the events program.

New Webinar on “Guided Surgery from A to Z” addressed to Dentists!

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05 December 2020 | at 10:00 a.m. italian time
Save the Date: New Webinar on “Guided Surgery from A to Z” addressed to Dentists!
C-Tech is organizing the “Guided Surgery from A to Z”, a webinar focused on the C-Tech Digital Implant Planning System, presented by Dr. Luigi Ciacci and our lab technician Andrea Sessa.
The course is dedicated to Dentists and will be taken in english.

XX Dental World 08-10 October 2020 | Hungary

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08-10 OCTOBER 2020, BUDAPEST .

Join us for the Dental World Exhibition. Meet, develop and cultivate international partnerships with a network from around the world, and especially from the Central-Eastern European Region. Our visitors, exhibitors, speakers and trade partners are from 75 different countries.

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