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Dentist Michael Weiland: excellent care is important to me!

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Magazine PIP • Practical implantology and implant prosthetics • 08 June 2022

Dentist Michael Weiland: excellent care is important to me!

In times of skilled labor bottlenecks and a fundamental lack of staff, the first thing that many lose is the services that were once seen as so essential. But the more a piece of hardware is interchangeable and discount battles want to be avoided, the more a company stands out from the customer with the many free little help.
Interview with dentist Michael Weiland and his team

pip: How did your first contact with the implant manufacturer C-Tech and Mr. Lütfü Agic come about?
Michael Weiland: I’ve known Mr. Agic for a very long time, for more than ten years, from my time in practice. Four years ago I set up my own practice, but at first I had too much to do with getting the practice up and running. At the same time, a lot was happening within our family – as it is at our age, that often happens alltogether. That’s why I didn’t deal with implantology myself at first and only provided prosthetics at first. Nevertheless, contact with Mr. Agic was never lost, especially since my basic interest continued to exist. Mr. Agic then drew my attention to the further training here at the municipal clinic with Prof. Anton Dunsche.

pip: What is particularly important to you at a training event?
Michael Weiland: Everyone is always talking about ‘take home messages’, and that’s actually what it’s all about. I would like to learn something that I can use in my practice in the relatively short term. In addition to the theory, which you can read up on or acquire through an online event, it is important to me to have the opportunity to try out and practice techniques yourself, preferably with someone at your side who can immediately give you one or two good ones can show tricks and tips. It’s about getting more security for me in my practice. The first course with Prof. Dunsche was just super organized, we learned theory, but also a lot of practice with exercises on the pig’s jaw and later the opportunity to assist Prof. Dunsche himself with surgeries.

pip: So it didn’t stop at this event?
Michael Weiland: No, after that I was given the opportunity to attend a four-day course in Palermo, Italy. They do things slightly differently there, with personal warmth and beautiful surroundings. Everything was very well organized, we even got two translators at our side, so there were no problems here either. For two days we were introduced to the C-Tech system and various surgical techniques, and we were able to use the third and fourth day very intensively for practical exercises and treatments directly on the patient. The two very experienced speakers also supervised this part and took over more complex situations myself, which I might never want to do myself in my practice, but which were exciting to watch. But I also learned an enormous number of new techniques for my areas of application and was able to practice them in such a way that I now feel safe with them. After all, I want to offer my patients the ‘state of the art’ of today’s implantology.

How important is the support provided by Mr. Agic to you?
Michael Weiland: We work directly with and on people, and I personally prefer it if I too am seen as a person. Mr. Agic has never promised too much, is always available and implements my requests incredibly quickly, even if I reach him on the way. I receive all important information promptly and in Mr. Agic I have a good partner for the exchange of ideas, at the same time I never feel pressured. I sometimes think that my time is more important to Mr. Agic than his own, and I can feel that through this great service.

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