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Kompjuterski vođena implantna hirurgija danas je konsolidovana, jednostavna i pouzdana metoda koja se ne može zanemariti zbog mnogobrojnih prednosti. U mogućnosti smo da učinimo efikasnijim mnoge aspekte koji se odnose i na hiruršku i na protetsku oblast, zahvaljujući saradnji kliničara i laboratorijskog tehničara.

The C-TECH /C-Guide guided surgery concept is a comprehensive system which offers complete guidance for the 4 diameters of the EL implant family. Full guidance; depth, position and prosthetic orientation for all implant lengths. The well proven EL system in combination with C-Guide delivers precision, predictability and long term esthetic success. C-Guide planning can be done through all the major implant…


The C-Mill center is operated by in house dental technicians and production engineers working together to deliver the highest level of service. C-MILL is able to work, from initial scanning of the model to final try-in, with all established dental material formats: zirconium, titanium, PEEK and chrome cobalt in the form of pucks and cylinders. From initial scanning of the model final try-in…


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