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Layanan digital

Bedah Implan Berbantuan Komputer saat ini merupakan kenyataan yang terkonsolidasi, sederhana dan dapat diandalkan yang tidak dapat diabaikan mengingat kelebihannya yang tak terhitung jumlahnya. Kami akan dapat mengoptimalkan banyak aspek yang terkait dengan bidang bedah dan prostetik berkat kolaborasi antara dokter dan teknisi lab.

The C-TECH /C-Guide guided surgery concept is a comprehensive system which offers complete guidance for the 4 diameters of the EL implant family. Full guidance; depth, position and prosthetic orientation for all implant lengths. The well proven EL system in combination with C-Guide delivers precision, predictability and long term esthetic success. C-Guide planning can be done through all the major implant…

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The C-Mill center is operated by in house dental technicians and production engineers working together to deliver the highest level of service. C-MILL is able to work, from initial scanning of the model to final try-in, with all established dental material formats: zirconium, titanium, PEEK and chrome cobalt in the form of pucks and cylinders. From initial scanning of the model final try-in…

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