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Webinar | Treatment of patients with totally edentulous arches: clinical applications of mini implants

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Dental Tribune Magazine • Webinar • 11 May 2020

Treatment of patients with totally edentulous arches: clinical applications of mini implants.

by Dr. Aldo De Blasi, expert in dentistry applied to mini implants.

Mini implants are a valid alternative to traditional implants to stabilize the rehabilitation of edentulous arches. Patients with full arch prostheses can benefit from this technique which, with a minimally invasive approach, allows to stabilize them with a single operation even in anatomically unfavorable bone conditions. The advantages include a reduced post-operative symptomatology, low-cost therapy and the possibility of using the pre-existing prosthesis. The aim of the seminar is to examine a convenient therapeutic solution, to learn a simple and minimally invasive implant technique and, through the selection of the patient candidate for rehabilitation with mini implants, to discover a new tool for the stabilization of the total prosthesis.

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Content of the webinar
This presentation describes the use of mini implants as an anchoring device for a full prosthesis in order to provide greater stability and retention. A simple, fast, convenient and low invasiveness technique is shown, which allows to obtain in a single appointment an effective stabilization of the patient’s removable denture. Where the removable prosthesis is the therapeutic solution to the problem of edentulism, the mini implants can provide additional comfort and well-being. Finally, through the exposure of some clinical cases, the use of these implants with a reduced diameter is shown, it is explained how to select the ideal patient and how to plan the clinical case.

Educational objectives
• Learn a simple and minimally invasive implant technique
• Examin a convenient rehabilitation solution
• Discover a new tool for patient rehabilitation.

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