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Webinar | Digital implant planning & guided implant surgery – Work-flow and tips to do it better

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Dental Tribune Magazine • Webinar • 6 July 2020

Webinar | Digital implant planning & guided implant surgery – Work-flow and tips to do it better

by Dr. Luigi Ciacci, Dentist at the homonymous clinic, expert in guided surgery

Content of the webinar
The success of an implant rehabilitation depends on a correct diagnosis which leads to the formulation of a correct therapy plan. Modern dentistry depends on complete diagnostics and on an accurate programming and organization of the decided therapeutic plan. Guided surgery involves a reverse engineering workflow: prosthetic rehabilitation is established first, then the ideal position of the dental implants according to that restoration.

The digital planning and the consequent guided surgery based on three-dimensional radiographic data and digital recordings of the oral cavity, provide us with valuable information to allow us to “repeat” as faithfully as possible the treatment plan we have established, respecting the anatomical structures and topography of the patient, to achieve long-term success from a functional, aesthetic, biological and economic point of view.

Guided surgery was introduced in the early 2000s and has undergone many changes and progress since then. However, it is still an advanced technique for implant positioning where a fair experience of the operator and his team is required, as well as a certain economic investment and time to learn and master the techniques and work flows.

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Educational objectives
The purpose of this webinar is to understand the work flow from digital planning to guided surgery, knowing the basic steps and the necessary equipment to carry them out. Be informed about the advantages and reliability and therefore understand the origin of potential errors.

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