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Immediate loading of a morse locking conical implant with C-TECH EL; Case report

Written by C-Tech Implants | Forniture e Impianti Dentali on . Posted in Clinical cases, EL / Esthetic Line

A 55 year old female patient was referred to our office for a full mouth rehabilitation. Upon clinical examination and a CBCT, we have decided to implant 4 EL C-Tech conical Morse tapered connection implants in the upper jaw for a bar retained over denture and due to financial considerations; was to perform extraction of all remaining lower teeth and immediate post extraction implantation of SD C-Tech mini dental implants. A full muco-periosteal flap was released, teeth were extracted, an alveotomy was performed to achieve an optimal bone platform for the SD mini dental implants and to obtain a bigger vertical dimension for the overdenture!

The alveotomy was performed the normal protocol! As the bone was very dense, after the initial 1.1mm drill we have used 1.3mm drills to prevent cortical fracture and to prevent over compression on the alveolar ridge. In the region of tooth 31, the mini dental implant is placed in the extraction socket and because of the softer bone in this region we have decided to use a 2.4x13mm SD which has aggressive threading.
The primary stability is achieved but the impression is delayed for two weeks because we wanted to wait for closure of the wound.
SD mini dental implants can be used in combination with simultaneous extraction, and whenever primary stability can be achieved, they can be loaded immediately.

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