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C-TECH Implant Events 2021

Below we present the events program.

IMPLANTOLOGY-Greece Clinical Participation Program – 2021

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May • Athens / june • Athens / July • Thessaloniki  / September • Athens (clinical) / October • Athens (clinical) 2021
“IMPLANTOLOGY-Greece Clinical Participation Program – 2021”
New York University-College of Dentistry-Linhart Continuing Dental

Prof. Nikolaos Donos / Professor Georgios E. Romanos / Dr. Mardas Nikos / Ass. Prof. Henriette Lerner / Dr. Nikolaos Tatarakis / Dr.Tsamis Christos / Dr. Konstantina Dina Dedi

Prof. Nikolaos Donos
Professor Nikolaos Donos is the Chair of Periodontology & Implant Dentistry and the Head of the Centre for Oral Clinical Research at the Institute of Dentistry, Barts & The London School of Medicine & Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). Furthermore, Professor Donos is the Director of Clinical Research Facility at Institute of Dentistry at QMUL which specializes in the provision of randomized controlled clinical trials and at clinically applicable translational research studies. Until recently, Professor Donos was the Head & Chair of Periodontology, Director of Research, Head of Clinical Research and Programme Director for the       MClinDent training programme in Periodontology at the UCL- Eastman Dental Institute, London… Curriculum vitae »

Dr. Nikos Mardas
Dr Nikos Mardas qualified in Dentistry from Athens University in 1992; He completed his 3-year training as a specialist and the MS degree in Periodontology in 1997 and his PhD degree in 2005 at the Royal Dental College, University of Aarhus, Denmark. During the period 2005-2015 was a Senior Lecturer / Honorary Specialist and M.Clin.Dent program co-ordinator in Periodontology Unit, at UCL, Eastman Dental Institute.  During the period 2005-2015 was a Senior Lecturer / Honorary Specialist and M.Clin.Dent program co-ordinator in Periodontology Unit, at UCL, Eastman Dental Institute… Curriculum vitae »

Prof. Georgios E. Romanos
Professor of Periodontology at the Stony Brook University, School of Dental Medicine; Professor for Oral Surgery and Implant Dentistry in Frankfurt, Germany.
Fully trained in Periodontics, Prosthodontics and Oral Surgery in Germany and NY; Board Certified in Oral Surgery and Implant Dentistry in Germany; Certificate in Periodontology and AEGD (Univ. of Rochester); Diplomate by the American Board of Periodontology and the Int. College of Oral Implantology (ICOI)… Curriculum vitae »

Dr. Christos Tsamis
Dr. Tsamis graduated dentistry in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece in 2003.
He continued his education at the same University in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery where he specialized in Minor Oral Surgery for one year.
After that he continued at the Department of Dentoalveolar Surgery – Implantology – Radiology for the next three years where he received his MDS.
His master’s research was in the use of the MRI on Guided Implant Surgery… Curriculum vitae »

Dr. Nikolaos Tatarakis
Dr Tatarakis trained at the University of Athens, and qualified as a dentist in 2005. He worked as an associate in a Periodontal specialist practice and in the Oral Medicine clinic of Andreas Syngros” University Hospital. In 2008, following his military service as a dentist in the Greek Air Force, he was admitted to the University of Michigan, USA where he completed a comprehensive three-year specialty program in Periodontology obtaining a Certificate and a Master’s degree.
In 2011, Dr Tatarakis received a prestigious clinical and research scholarship by the International Team for Implantology and spent one year at the Unit of Periodontology of the Eastman Dental Institute in London for this purpose. In the meantime, he completed the necessary examinations and became a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology… Curriculum vitae »

Ass. Prof. Henriette Lerner
Associate Professor University of Medicine and Pharmacy“ GR.T Popa“ Iasi Director of the HL Dentclinic & Academy & Seattle Study Club Baden Baden,Germany focusing on Implant Dentistry and Esthetic Dentistry DGOI Board Member ,and Expert of German Society of Oral Implantology Director of Seattle Study Club Baden Baden (DGOI), Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), Member / Fellow of the Societies: BDO ,DGÄZ, DGZMK, DDS, IADFE. Editory Advisor of PIP (Practical Implantology and Prosthetics)… Curriculum vitae »

Dr. Konstantina Dina Dedi
Konstantina Dina Dedi qualified in Athens Greece in 1994 and after two years of private practice, she moved to USA. for full-time training. She was awarded the USA. Specialization Degree in Prosthodontics (Combined Crown and Bridge Removable and Implant Prosthodontics) in 1997 and the Master of Science in Oral Biology (MSc) Degree in 1999 from the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Dentistry in USA. as well as a degree in Maxillofacial Prosthetics and Dental Oncology in 1998 from the University of Texas Houston MD Anderson Cancer Center in U.S.A. She then completed a one year dental teaching fellowship at the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry USA… Curriculum vitae »

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