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How to make money working with mini-implants | Dental Expo Krasnoyarsk

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29 May 2019| Dental Expo Krasnoyarsk | Kim A.L. | How to make money working with mini-implants
Seminar will take place in Krasnoyarsk.

What will you learn:
• A simple and minimally invasive protocol of implantation
• Treat patients affordable and “inexpensive” way
• In addition, to earn from 3 million rubles per year with just one patient per week
• Discover a new tool for patient rehabilitation.

How to maintain the biological width during implantation? 5 main factors.
For whom?
Surgeons, implantologists and prosthodontists, chief physicians and clinic owners who plan to run an additional service to the clinic.

What is this course about?
Do you know for sure how the implant will behave in the oral cavity after implantation? Is the condition of peri-implant tissues important to you?
Advertising tricks led to the substitution of the concept of the usual conical connection and connection on the Morse cone. Differences are very important in the doctor’s work and the health of the patient.

Most tend to attribute the success or failure of the treatment to their own experience. However, there are physical causes of problems that provoke bone resorption and gum recession.
Knowing and being able to eliminate these causes is your opportunity to reach a higher level of dental treatment at a lower cost.

What will you learn?
• Do not treat, but prevent gums recession
• Restore the biological width of the patient.
• Get the perfect aesthetics on the implant.

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