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C-TECH Implant Events 2020

Below we present the events program.

Clinical Participation – Implant Placement

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September 10-13 2020 | Clinical Participation – Implant Placement
Merimna Institute Thessaloniki (click here for all program 2020) »

Dr. Nikos Mardas, Tsamis Christos, Dr. John Kallis, Nikolaos Tatarakis, Stratos Athanasios,Νakas Nikolaos, Rodiou Stylianos,Simos Psomiadis, Anastasios Gatsonis, Ioannis Papathanasiou

Live Surgeries – Abstract
Every participant will place 5 implants in patients and will assist for the other surgeriesof his group under the supervision of the Merimna Institute faculty
During the clinical week all the necessary materials, instruments, implants, bone graſt materials, membranes,sutures, surgical instruments, micromotors and other will be provided in FREE for every participant.
Every group of the participants has to place implants from all the implant companies.

Training Location:
Merimna Institute – Athens

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