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C-TECH Implant Events 2020

Below we present the events program.

5 days | Residence in Dental Implantology (Surgical & Prosthetic)

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June 20-24, 2019
July 25-29, 2019
August 22-26, 2019
September 26-30, 2019
October 24-28, 2019
November 21-25, 2019

Limited seats available. Live Surgery; participants perform 6 surgeries.  Full Prosthetic training; participants perform all the patient & lab procedures.

James L. Hazbun


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The Oral Implantology Residency of the Hazbun Implant Institute is composed of 3 modules of advanced education in a variety of topics related to oral implantology, plus hands-on workshops and live surgeries, as well as updates in individualized techniques. The program is designed for dentists in search of continuous training in oral implantology, from basic to advanced. Emphasis will be placed on teaching participants how to apply the techniques through didactic methods, hands-on exercises and live demonstrations.
Participants will have the opportunity to practice their skills in bone and tissue augmentation techniques, as well as prosthetics and aesthetics.

Our approach goes beyond the simple fact of a residence, since all the practitioners have the option of consulting with the team of the Residence. In this way there is a continuous education giving the practitioner a security in his placements of post-residency implants.
As well as an impeccable customer service, in evaluation of models, study of x-rays and acquisition of the appropriate implant.

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