Slide Caratteristiche impianti

Micro Grooved / Threaded Collar

Micro GroovedConventional implant types generally feature a smoothly polished cervical region that may vary in width.

Current trends in implant design favor a reduction or elimination of the smoothly polished segment.

Experience with an implant design of the most recent generation that has a continuous microrough and nanorough surface extending to the implant neck and a fine thread in the cervical region has shown in numerous clinical cases that the crestal bone level was stabilized. Advantages of this design include; reduced stress to the bone, faster and less traumatic insertion as well as dissipation of the shear forces.

A fine thread in the cervical region results in functional loads being transmitted to the adjacent bony structures, supporting the formation of trabecular bony structures and stabilizing the region in question. Complete bony coverage of the entire implant surface can be attained upon successful osseointegration if the platform-switching concept is implemented.


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